The table database object is the foundation of every Relational DataBase Management System


Every database has one or more tables

Each table has its own unique name and consists of row and columns (akin to a spreadsheet)


Database columns (aka fields), have their own unique names and pre-defined data types (integer, character, date, boolean, etc.)


Database rows (aka records) contain the actual data



Engine aka Table Type


  • MyISAM default engine of mysql
    • Does NOT support foreign key
    • Stores databases in: /var/lib/mysql/db_name
    • Consists of three files:
      • table_name.frm structure of the database
      • table.MYD data
      • table.MYI index
    • Supports foreign key
    • Innodb has just one file, containing structure, data and index; called db_name.frm
  • my.ini Windows
  • my.conf Linux

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